5 Top Destinations to Practice Your French

Places to learn french

They often say that French is the language of love… and while that is indeed true, there’s plenty more about this fascinating spoken language that makes it worth learning. After all, there’s a reason why it’s considered the second most widely sought after and learned the language in the world – which is an amazing feat in itself. As a matter of fact, French (alongside English) holds the distinction of being a commonly spoken language on all five continents. There can be no doubt that it’s a language worth learning and mastering.You can visit different places to learn French language.

The question is, however, what’s the best way of learning and experiencing French? While immersing yourself in the country’s culture is a wonderful way of getting a crash course, it’s still important to know the most effective way of going about it. Some like to spend their time learning French through resources that can be found both on the Internet as well as the local library – absorbing as much information as they can through textbooks and quizzes. Others instead prefer to travel, adopting the philosophy of learning by doing, which is more effective.

While both of these offer ample opportunities to learn the language, it isn’t necessarily the most efficient way of going about it. For example, while traveling you’ll come across destinations where French is commonly spoken, but if you don’t know the best places to learn French then you won’t be able to improve your mastery of the language. If you’re going to go through all the effort of traveling to learn the language, then you have to do it right. Here are five of the places to learn French!


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This pleasant area is located just southeast of Guadeloupe (which is next in this list), found in the Lesser Antilles. The main reason why this is a top destination isn’t necessarily because it’s dominated by the French language. Instead, they use Antillean Creole, though much of it is a fusion between this and French. The biggest reason why it’s considered a top destination is because of how friendly the environment is when it comes to learning the language. Compared to most French-speaking destinations, the use of the language here is more social and not quite as rooted in business.

It’s a rare situation when you get to practice the language with people who tend to have more fun with French than most other places. It’s a pretty big bonus if you happen to know the native language of the area as well, which means this just might be the only place you need to go to in order to truly understand how the French language works!


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As stated, Guadeloupe is next for similar reasons, but this area might prove to be a little more challenging than Martinique. Guadeloupe is an essential destination when it comes to French trade, because of their famous exports of bananas and sugarcane. An added bonus to traveling to Guadeloupe is while you hone your mastery of the French language, you can also enjoy everything that the tropical island life has to offer. In Guadeloupe, you’ll find plenty of other tourists who will be more than willing to exchange notes, because it’s  among the  popular places to learn French.

Both Guadeloupe, as well as Martinique, are known for being relatively relaxing compared to sprawling metropolitan destinations, so take the opportunity to reflect while you practice. The best part is that these two destinations are relatively near to each other, allowing you to travel back to back with very little cost!


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Tales of the Canadian people’s legendary hospitality and generosity are not unfounded – as you will see for yourself if you decide to visit this top destination. Considering the fact that this article is written in English and that you’re reading it, it’s safe to assume that you have a firm grip in the understanding of the English language. This makes going to Canada to learn French all the sweeter (aside from their maple syrup) because their mix of French and English makes them a common and popular choice for anyone who’s looking for places to learn French language.

The majority of Canadians are bilingual, which means that they can help you learn French without you having to jump any hoops to understand them. There is no cultural barrier for most people, making this one of the best destinations you can choose when it comes to practicing the language of love. They’ll be happy to help you as well! Canadians are notoriously friendly and they might help you even if you don’t ask for it.


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Another very economical and beautiful area to practice and learn the French language, Switzerland boasts of a community that speaks German, Italian and of course French, thanks to where it’s located. It can be a rather inspiring area because of the breathtaking Alps alongside many other beautiful landmarks and locations in Switzerland. However, you’re going to need to be inspired because aside from being relatively efficient for those who happen to know German or Italian, the French that is spoken here is often used for business.

This makes it a touch more challenging than most of the other top destinations, but it also means that going to Switzerland to practice the French language will be a touch more rewarding. This is a location for those serious about really learning and understanding this beautiful spoken language.


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It would certainly be strange to go through the top destinations to practicing your French but not add to its point of origin. As the cultural center of all things French, this beautiful destination has absolutely everything you need to learn its spoken language and more. It might not be as economical or as efficient as others in this list, but no other place will inspire you to learn more. You can practically breathe in its culture as you walk through its beautiful streets – the shops and cafes taking on a more mystical tone as the sun goes down. Can you imagine sipping some wonderfully brewed coffee, having a conversation with a Parisian with the famed Eiffel Tower in view? If that doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, then perhaps nothing will. France is the prime example of living the language you’re learning, which makes it the very top at the places to learn French.

No matter which top destination you choose to help you achieve your goal of mastering the French language, you’ll find that any one of them is more than up to the task. Whether it’s learning through the sunny and cheerful environments of Guadeloupe and Martinique, or alongside the jovial and friendly people of Canada, they are all effective places to practice the language. In the end however, it’s all about your tenacity and desire to learn that matters. Even France itself will find it hard to inspire you if you aren’t truly willing to immerse yourself in the language and culture.


There are truly few things more worthwhile than studying and understanding the French language. While it might take an incredible amount of effort to achieve, you’ll find that the journey was just as important as the destination. All you have to do is visit one of these locations and immerse yourself in France’s beautiful spoken language.

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