Anvers Island or Isla Amberes is a high, mountainous island 61 km (38 miles) long, the largest in the Palmer Archipelago of Antarctica. It was discovered in 1832 by John Biscoe and named in 1898 by Adrien de Gerlache, who ran the Belgian Antarctic Expedition. The Palmer Station on Anvers Island is one of three research stations in Antarctica operated by the United States Antarctic Program. The station is named for Nathaniel B. Palmer, believed to have been the first American to have seen Antarctica.

It lies southwest of Brabant Island at the south-western end of the group. The south-western coastline of the island forms part of the Southwest Anvers Island and Palmer Basin.


It can be difficult at times to distinguish the mainland Peninsula from the large offshore islands of the Palmer Archipelago. In this world of black basalt and white glaciers, sometimes only charts reveal the difference. This is particularly true of Anvers Island, one of the largest islands, north of the Antarctic Circle on the western side of the Peninsula. The island, measuring about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from north to south, and separated from the Danco Coast by the Gerlache Strait, was named by de Gerlache in 1898, after a province in Belgium.

History of Anvers Island

On Anvers Island, the British Antarctic Survey built and operated a station (Base-N) for the purpose of survey and geology. The station of the British Antarctic Survey consisted of a hut and was occupied from February 27, 1955, until January 10, 1958. In 1958, the station of the British Antarctic Survey was closed when local work was completed. The hut of station of the British Antarctic Survey was loaned to the U.S. Government on July 2, 1963, which converted it into a biological laboratory in January 1965 for use by American scientists at the nearby Palmer Station.

The station of the British Antarctic Survey was destroyed by fire on December 28, 1971, while being renovated by the British Antarctic Survey. Debris was removed by the members of the US Antarctic Program in 1990/1991. Only concrete foundations remain.


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