Chile points of interest

Chile is a long, narrow country along the southern half of the west coast of South America, between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The bordering countries are Peru to the north, Bolivia to northeast and Argentina to the east. Chile has over 5,000km (3,100 miles) of coast on the South Pacific Ocean.It is one of the most slender countries in the world there are a lot of wonderful Chile points of interest. It’s one of the most developed South American countries, Chile capital Santiago is a tech hub for the region.

Chile declared independence in 1810, decisive victory over the Spanish was not achieved until 1818, In the War of the Pacific (1879–83), Chile invaded parts of Peru and Bolivia and kept territory that subsequently became its present northern regions. .A Centre-Left Chilean administration came into power after the military government lost a national referendum in 1988.

Chile is a member of both United Nations and the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) and is also a member of the OECD, the group of the most developed countries by current international standards. Chile has an active presence in the Antarctic Peninsula and cooperates closely with other nations in activities in the Antarctica.


Map Of Chile
Map Of Chile


 Chile stretches from the belly of South America to its foot, reaching from the driest desert on earth to vast southern glacial fields.Chile points of interest offer landscapes unfurl over a 4300km stretch: parched dunes, fertile valleys, volcanoes, ancient forests, massive glaciers, and fjords. There’s wonder in every detail and nature on a symphonic scale.  Chile guards some of the most pristine parts of our planet.The more You travel, the more You realize that precious few of these places remain on the planet.Chile points of interest are a practical matter of seeking out the wild places that feed the soul.



  •  SANTIAGOChile points of interest
  •  LA SARENAChile points of interest
  •  IQUIQUEChile points of interest
  •  CONCEPCIONChile points of interest
  •  VALPARAISOChile points of interest
  •  VINA DEL MARChile points of interest
  •  VALDIVIAChile points of interest
  •  PUNTA ARENASChile points of interest



  •  CHILOE ISLANDChile points of interest
  •  TORRES DEL PAINEChile points of interest
  •  PICHILEMUChile points of interest
  •  EL COLORADOChile points of interest
  •  ROBINSON CRUSOEChile points of interest
  •  ELQUI VALLEYChile points of interest
  •  EASTER ISLANDChile points of interest
  •  SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMAChile points of interest
  •  LOS FLAMENCOSChile points of interest



Spanish is the official language in the country.Chile Various indigenous languages are  like Mapudungun, Quechua, and Rapa Nui, but only between indigenous people

English is widely understood in major cities.Some people understand some French, Italian, Portuguese and German.



  • Get tipsy on a wine tour.
  • Visit El Tatio geysers.
  • Visit colorful Valparaiso.
  • Explore Moon Valley National Park and Torres del Paine National Park.
  • Hike the world’s tallest active volcano, Ojos del Salado.
  • Swim in the world’s largest pool located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort.
  • Take a walk on Monturaqui crater.
  • Learn history at Museo de Bellas Artes museum.



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