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Namibia is in Southern Africa, bordering South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zambia and the Atlantic Ocean.Namibia is a land of contrasts and clear colors. Those who are looking for peace and stillness and enjoy mesmerizing landscapes and wide desert expanse, are going to fall in love with Namibia points of interest, one of the least populated countries in the world. Namibia with friendly people, with endless savannah, bush land and an amazingly diverse animal world protected in the vast Etosha National Park and in many other game reserves. Namibia is an adventure, but one doesn’t need to be an adventurer to experience this country. A well-maintained road network, comfortable hotels, lodges, and guest farms make traveling a pleasure.

Namibia is the most comprehensively tourist-friendly.It has a quarter of the world’s cheetahs, the last free-ranging population of black rhino and a well-developed network of parks, reserves and safari lodges.Namibia points of interest are landscapes of its coastline and deserts are the most photographed and gasped over in the world.

Namibia is one of Southern Africa’s best places to watch wildlife. Etosha National Park considers as the elite wildlife-watching destinations – big cats, elephants, black rhinos and plains game in abundance.Damaraland is a wonderful place to see desert-adapted elephants and lions, and also happens to host Africa’s largest population of free-ranging rhinos.

Few countries in Africa can match Namibia’s sheer natural beauty. The country’s name derives from it’s (and the world’s) oldest desert, a spine of mountains creates glorious scenery – the Naukluft Mountains, the Brandberg, Spitzkoppe, Damaraland and the jaw-dropping Fish River Canyon are Namibia points of interest for mountains lovers.

Namibia is made up of the desert and most areas receive little rain so it is suitable to visit at any time. April and May are warm and clear, June to August can be cold at night, and September and October are good for game-viewing as the vegetation has thinned out, and animals gather at water holes. The rainy season runs from November to March.



Namibia Map
Namibia Map


Namibia’s human story is every bit as interesting as that written in the rocks, soil, and sand of the country. The Himba, in the country’s far northwest, and the San in the East, in particular, are soulful people with whom an encounter carries an older, deeper wisdom. Namibia combines in one country with so many passions – the sculpted, natural-born perfection of a sand dune, wildlife in great numbers and with great stories, and a palpable sense of wilderness at so many turns.



  • WINDHOEKnamibia capital
  • LUDERITZnamibia city
  • OUTJOnamibia city
  • SWAKOPMUNDnamibia city
  • TSUMEBnamibia city
  • WALVIS BAYnamibia city
  • TSUMKWEnamibia city



  • BRANDBERG namibia africa
  • ETOSHA NTL. PARKnamibia africa
  • KOLMANSKOPnamibia africa
  • WATERBERG PLATEAU namibia africa


  • SOSSUSVLEInamibia africa
  • SKELETON COASTnamibia africa
  • SPITZKOPPEnamibia africa
  • FISH RIVERCANYON namibia africa


  • KAOKOLANDnamibia africa
  • CAPE CROSSnamibia africa
  • OKONJIMA RESERVEnamibia africa



Major indigenous languages include Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, Nama, Damara, Rukwangali, various San languages, and Silozi.The language in Namibia consists of around 30 different languages. A regular tourist would know how to speak English, being the universal language and all, English is also the official language of the country. The majority of the Namibians speak Afrikaans.

English is more widely spoken in the north, as it was adopted as a medium of instruction earlier than in the south. Older Namibians in the South are more likely to speak Afrikaans or German.



  • Hot air ballooning over the Namib Desert
  • Walking trail with Tok Tokkie
  • Sand boarding in Swakopmund
  • The Fish River Canyon and hot springs at Ai-Ais
  • Camelthorn beer
  • Quad biking in Swakopmund
  • Visit a Himba Tribe



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