Peru points of interest

Peru is one of the most famous and popular countries in South America, situated on the western side of that continent, facing the South Pacific Ocean and straddling part of the Andes mountain range that runs the length of South America. Peru is bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. Peru is a country that has a diversity and wealth not common in the world.Peru points of interest are their archaeological patrimony of pre-Columbian cultures and the hub of the Inca’s Empire, their gastronomy, colonial architecture and their natural resources.

Peru people are very friendly, peaceful and helpful.Peru inspires wonder, from the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu and the mysterious Nazca Lines to the Cordillera Blanca’s soaring peaks and Lake Titicaca’s floating islands. Stroll Cusco’s cobblestone streets and take in stunning Inca and colonial architecture, or visit an Andean community where daily life remains rooted in tradition.

Peru’s rich cultural heritage is never more real and visceral than when you are immersed street side in the swirling madness of a festival. Deities of old are reincarnated as Christian saints, pilgrims climb mountains in the dead of night and icons are paraded through crowded plazas as once were the mummies of Inca rulers.Peru is the capital of Latin cooking. Great geographic and cultural diversity has brought ingredients ranging from highland tubers to tropical jungle fruits to a complex cuisine of Spanish, indigenous, African and Asian influence.



Map of Peru
Map of Peru

Visitors pilgrimage to the glorious Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, Explore the dusted remnants of Chan Chan, the largest pre-Columbian ruins in all the Americas. Fly over the puzzling geoglyphs etched into the arid earth at Nazca. Lima’s great museums reveal in full detail the sophistication, skill, and passion of these lost civilizations.

Visit remote communities and see how old ways live on. Immerse yourself, and you will leave Peru a little closer to the past. Peru is the molten core of South America, a distillation of the oldest traditions and Peru points of interest have the finest building, weaving, and art made by the most sophisticated cultures on the continent. Peru wildest landscapes from frozen Andean peaks to the deep Amazon help us reconnect our connection to the natural world.Peru points of interest is also a cultural stew, where diverse peoples live side by side, negotiating modern life with humor and aplomb. Beyond that, the cuisine alone makes it worth the trip. Every return is rich and surprising.



  •  LIMAPeru points of interest
  • AREQUIPAPeru points of interest
  •  AYACUCHOPeru points of interest
  •  HUARAZPeru points of interest
  •  HUANCAYOPeru points of interest
  •  CAJAMARCAPeru points of interest
  •  CHICLAYOPeru points of interest
  •  CUZCOPeru points of interest



  •  LAKE TITICACAPeru points of interest
  •  MACHU PICCHUperu points of interest
  •  MANCORAperu points of interest
  • PARACAS peru points of interest
  •  NAZCA LINESperu points of interest
  •  MANU NATIONAL PARKperu points of interest
  •  CHAVIN DE HUANTARperu points of interest
  •  CHAN CHANperu points of interest
  •  HUASCARAN peru points of interest



Peru official language is Spanish.English might be understood in Lima and to an (even) lesser extent in tourist centers like Machu Picchu. Outside of that, you’ll need Spanish. Like every other Latin American country.

If you learn languages easily, try to learn Quechua, the language of the Incas. It will be highly appreciated in the countryside of the Sierra, where many indigenous speak it as a first language, though most also speak Spanish. On the Altiplano, the language Aymara is widely spoken. Aymara was the language of the Tihuanacu culture.



  • Check out Lima.
  • Explore Machu Picchu.
  • Hike the Inca Trail.
  • Visit the Islas Flotantes de Los Uros.
  • Hike the Colca Canyon.
  • Surf at Máncora Beach.
  • Fly over the Nasca Lines.
  • Step back through time at Batán Grande an archaeological site.
  • Relax at Lake Titicaca.
  • Discover Cuzco.
  • Spend a few days in the Peruvian Amazon Basin.



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