Best places to visit in Asia

Asia is the ultimate travel “destination”. There are 48 countries in Asia and regions with a population of 3.823 billion, accounting for 60.7% of the total world population. You will find the complete list of places to visit in Asia below.

Asia continent is difficult to define from the mountains to the Black Sea in the west, to the snow fields of Siberia in the east. From the nomadic steppes of Kazakhstan to the frenetic streets of Hanoi, Asia is a continent so full of intrigue, adventure, solace, and spirituality that it has fixated and confounded travelers for centuries. Birthplaces of all ten of the world’s major religions:

Birthplaces of all ten of the world’s major religions: Bahai, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shintoism, Sikhism and Taoism.

The world’s highest point, Mount Everest, lies within Asia along the border of Tibet and Nepal soaring 8,848m (29,028 ft) above sea level. Its lowest point is the Dead Sea, located at the meeting points of Israel, 400m (1,312 ft) below sea level are must see places in Asia.

Asia’s longest river is the Yangtze, which runs 6,300km (3,915 miles) through China, all the way from the high Tibetan Plateau to Shanghai. Its largest lake is the 386,400km² (149,200 square miles) the Caspian Sea, which is surrounded by several Central Asian nations.

Asia is bounded by the Pacific-Ocean to the east, by Australia to the southeast, and by the Indian Ocean to the south. It’s bordered by the Red Sea to the southwest, by Europe and the Urals to the west, and by the Arctic Ocean to the north.

Places to travel in Asia range widely, from the desert ruins and modern mega-malls of the Middle East to the magnificent ancient monuments in South Asia, and from the beach bungalows and jungle treks of Southeast Asia to the mega-cities and technology capitals of East Asia.


places to travel in asia
Places to visit in Asia


Here is the complete list of places to visit in Asia Continent and its regions:



  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • India
  • Tibet
  • Maldives
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka


  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Georgia
  • Russia


  • Bahrain
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon



  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • The United Arb Emirates
  • Yemen
  • Palestine


  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • East Timor
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar(Burma)
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam


Asia offers very diverse travel options. There are ultra modern, largely democratic countries like Japan and the East Asian Tigers (regions and countries) of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea to Afghanistan, Laos and East Timor as you’ve seen above in the list of countries in Asia.

China and India which make wonderful travel destinations in themselves due to their long history, size, and diversity. Thailand is a magnet for travelers, with great food, a tropical climate, fascinating culture, and great beaches.traveller can explore places in Southeast Asia by backpacking.

These countries are more conveniently combined into one trip: Thailand + Cambodia. Start in Bangkok, then hit up northern Thailand for temples, trekking, and tours. Go back down and take a bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap in Cambodia. Vietnam + Cambodia. Begin in north Vietnam, visit Halong Bay, and work your way south.




Asia continent largest airports by a number of intercontinental connections include Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Singapore.

For the Middle East, Dubai is by far the largest hub, with Doha and Abu Dhabi also having reasonably good connections.

Asia by train, the Trans-Siberian Railway is the best option. The Trans-Siberian proper goes from Moscow to the Pacific terminus of Vladivostok.

The Trans-Mongolian goes from Moscow to Beijing, China via Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The Trans-Manchurian travels through Siberia and Manchuria to Beijing, The Trans-Siberian Railway (the Moscow-Vladivostok line), spanning a length of 9,289km, is the longest and one of the busiest railway lines in the world.







Many languages are spoken throughout Asia Continent. While the local languages are always best, some blanket languages can be useful in multiple countries. In the Middle East, classical Arabic is widely used, Russian will help you in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Hindi and Urdu are useful in South Asia and Malay/Indonesian will help you in Southeast Asia. Mandarin Chinese is spoken by most in China and Taiwan. English leads to a fairly easy time in India, Philippines, Singapore, tuk-tuk and Hong Kong.



  • fishing for barracuda and marlin at Otres, Cambodia
  • Swim with the “whale sharks” at Donsol, Philippines
  • Participate in one of the many “fiestas” in the Philippines
  • Ride the unique transportation options like tuck-tuck” in Thailand, “scooters” in Vietnam, or the “jeepneys” in the Philippines
  • Cruise between the dramatic limestone Karsts, islets, and island, in the emerald blue sea of Ha Long Bay.
  • Sleep on board a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala in India.
  • Get off the beaten track by taking a motorcycle tour in Cambodia.
  • Learn scuba diving in some of the cheapest diving schools in the world.
  • Climb Mount Everest, the highest point of land on earth between Nepal and China.
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunset at Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java
  • Explore the Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar, far west China
  • Eat on one of the famous Food Tours in Hong Kong
  • Scooter Tour Saigon (explore Saigon on Motorbike, taste street food).

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