Best tourist attractions in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a country in South-Central Asia with an area around half a million square kilometers or almost the size of Spain. Neighboring countries are Iran and Afghanistan to the South and Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to the North.Tourist attractions in Turkmenistan offer plenty of rewarding and exciting sights in store for prepared travelers who are up for a bona fide adventure – from dinosaur footprints and Arabian camels; to golden Akhal-Teke horses and burning gas craters.

It has a coast on the Caspian Sea but is otherwise landlocked. Nearly 80% of the country is considered part of the Karakum Desert.The highest mountain of the country is the Airbaba (3,117m). The lowest point of the country is the Akdzhak depression, 80m below sea level.

The traditional life of the Turkmen is that of nomadic shepherds, though some have been settled in towns for centuries. The country is known for its fine carpets (one is even featured in its flag) and horses. , the country has extensive oil and gas reserves being developed.

Turkmenistan’s surface is covered by the biggest desert in Central Asia, the Karakum (Black Sand), which forms together with the Kyzylkum (Red Sand) in Uzbekistan the fourth biggest desert in the world. The Karakum covers about 350,000 square kilometers, with intensive agriculture located in irrigated oases. One-half of its irrigated land is planted with cotton, making it the world’s tenth largest producer.

Tourist attractions in Turkmenistan have continental climate with long hot summers. Winters are not too cold. The average temperature is 26 to 34 degrees Celsius in summer and minus 4 to plus 4 degrees Celsius in winter. But in northern regions, the temperature in winter months can decrease to -20 degrees Celsius

Tourist attractions in Turkmenistan surprise you with an ancient land of great spirituality, tradition, and natural beauty. The ancient cities of Merv and Konye-Urgench inspire visions of caravans plodding along the ancient Silk Road, while the haunting beauty of the Karakum Desert and other quirky natural phenomena are less expected but equally mesmerizing. The full Turkmen experience is ultimately about mingling with the warm and fascinating Turkmen people themselves, whose hospitality is the stuff of legend.

turkmenistan map
Turkmenistan Map



  •  ASHGABATTourist attractions in Turkmenistan
  •  BALKANABATTourist attractions in Turkmenistan
  •  DASOGUZTourist attractions in Turkmenistan
  •  MARYTourist attractions in Turkmenistan
  •  TURKMENABATTourist attractions in Turkmenistan
  •  TURKMENBASHITourist attractions in Turkmenistan



  •  AVAZATourist attractions in Turkmenistan
  •  DARVAZA  CRATERTourist attractions in Turkmenistan
  •  KOW ATA LAKETourist attractions in Turkmenistan
  •  NATIONAL MUSEUMTourist attractions in Turkmenistan


  •  MERVTourist attractions in Turkmenistan
  •  YANGYKALA CANYONTourist attractions in Turkmenistan





Turkmen is a Turkic language spoken  in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia (Asia), Tajikistan, Turkey (Asia), USA and Uzbekistan.English is seldom used language.

Turkmen only started to appear in writing at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was written with the Arabic script. Between 1928 and 1940 it was written with the Latin alphabet, and from 1940 it was written with the Cyrillic alphabet. Since Turkmenistan declared independence in 1991, Turkmen has been written with a version of the Latin alphabet based on Turkish.



  • Horse trekking with Akhal Teke horses
  • Hiking in the Kugitang Nature Reserve or in the mountains around Nokhur.
  • Adventure tour and camel trek in the Kara Kum Desert.



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