Best Turkey points of interest

Best Turkey points of interest

Are you planning a trip to Turkey?we all need a vacation away from our city life, the constant buzz of social network and traffics.turkey is one of the destinations offer beautiful beaches and great historical sites, it ‘s hard to find a gem like a turkey.Best Turkey points of interest attract people with varied interests and for people looking for an enriching adventure, decorated with a stunning coastline, villages with a matchless history and cultural legacy.

If you are looking forward to traveling Turkey, brace yourself! Here is our recommendation of the best destinations to visit in Turkey.

Turkey is dazzling destination packed with ancient monuments and enriched with showcase scenery that never fails to impress, Its energetic culture, food and vast history will amaze all the travelers, while its glorious landscapes from the sun soaked Mediterranean to the mighty mountains and deserts are Turkey points of interest.

Nemrut Mountains


Best Turkey points of interest

 Nemrut Mountain is notable for the summit where some giant statues are constructed around the what is assumed to be a royal tomb.This mysterious and solitary place is a unique archaeological site in turkey.These giants heads of gods, once seated with named inscribed on them are removed from their bodies and scattered throughout the site.The best to visit these statues is during the sunrise when they rise from the dark.


Sumela Monastery


Best Turkey points of interest

The monastery of the Virgin Mary also knows as the Sumela monastery is the famous attraction along the black sea coast.Its central church beautiful colored frescoes interior is a must see attraction in Turkey’s northeast region.Founded in the 4th century AD and first opened in Byzantine era.Wandering around this abandoned monastery to imagine solitary lives of the monks who used to live here.It’s a mysterious place drifts ethereally through the forest.



Best Turkey points of interest


Cappadocia situated in central Anatolia known for its geological oddity of honeycombed hills shaped as an outcome of the eroding rains and winds over the ages.Along the time people added whimsical touches by carving cities, underground houses, and churches from the soft rocks, leaving the countryside scattered with fascinating cavern architecture.

Thousand years ago, Hittites used these underground tunnel to seek safety from invading Persian and Greeks, nowadays some of the caves are turned into hotels and cater for tourist, these lunarscape sceneries are the stuff of mind-blowing daydreams.

Konyaalti Beach 

Best Turkey points of interest


Konyaaltı Beach is located on the western side of the Antalya and stretches for 7 km from the cliffs of the Beydagları mountains on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.It is famous for the upmarket food court, and a vast stretch of sand makes it popular amongst locals.

Konyaalti beach is a long strand of pebbles and rough stand backed by the park, shade trees, restaurants, cafes and bars, showers and hotels.

Hagia Sophia

Best Turkey points of interest


Hagia Sophia is a masterwork of Roman engineering originally constructed as a basilica for the eastern Roman Emperor in the 6th century; it was largest enclosed space in the world for more than 1000 years.In the 15th century,  Ottomans captured the city and Hagia Sophia became a mosque, Later in 1935, it was converted into a museum.Now it is known as the biggest attraction in turkey.

Topkapi Palace

Best Turkey points of interest


In the 15th century, Topkapi Palace served as the principal residence and administrative center of ottomans.Ottoman sultans carved out an empire that would spread up in Europe and down through the Middle East into Africa. In the 19th century its name change from New Palace to Topkapi meaning Cannon Gate.

Topkapı Palace is the part of historical sites in Turkey; It is an impressive glimpse of ottoman’s power base.Topaki Palace transformed into the museum in 1924 following by the end of Ottoman Empire, Its interiors, lavish jeweled decor, and surrounding garden once use as a royal court are the main attractions.


Best Turkey points of interest


Ephesus was a biblical Greek city constructed in the 10th century BC by Attic and Ionian Greek colonists, Now located in Selcuk.Ephesus is a city of the magnificent ruin of significant monuments and marble-columned roads. Once it was the active commercial center, Now it is among best Turkey points of interest.

The golden age of Roman Empire can observe in these ruins, Most of the palace is in ruins, but some structures like the Library of Celsus and The Great Theatre can be still seen.It is a half day long sightseeing trip and worth a explore.


Best Turkey points of interest


Pamukkale is known for the crystal clear thermic waters flowing down terraces on a nearby hillside. It’s neighbor Hierapolis city situated on the top of calcite hill, an ancient Roman spa city founded around 190 B.C., providing another reason to visit travertines.

Pamukkale also know as the cotton castle is one most prominent natural wonder, Travertine features Due to shifting of fault in the valley of the Menderes river.The reaction of calcium and hydrogen carbonate create calcium carbonate (travertine) and limestone which gives Pamukkale its whiteness and created the pools.It is among the most visited Turkey points of interest.


Best Turkey points of interest


Bosphorus is stunning natural strait connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean located in northwestern Turkey. Bosphorus tour can be done by the ferry, and  You can also opt for a private tour and luxury yacht Which leaves before dusk providing beautiful Istanbul sunset views with the most scenic view.

The best time for a cruise to visit best tourist attraction in Turkey is during May-June or Sept-Oct. Ask for a recommendation from fellow travelers, and book in advance to avoid the rush.

Grand Bazaar

Best Turkey points of interest


The Grand Bazaar in the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. The colorful and chaotic Grand Bazaar is the heart of İstanbul’s Old City for centuries. In 1461, Starting as a small vaulted bedesten built by order of Mehmet the Conqueror, later expanded to cover a wide area as alleys between the bedesten.

It’s obligatory to drink lots of tea, compare price after price and try your hand at the art of bargaining. Allow at least three hours for your visit; some travelers spend three days!



Best Turkey points of interest


Ani is an ancient site in Eastern Anatolia, once the Armenian capital,  Now the relinquished buildings of the powerful Silk Road city sit abandoned on the plains situated on the eastern border of Turkey.Founded more than 1600 years ago also known as  “the city of a thousand and one churches.”

Ani golden age came to an end in the 14th century and rediscovered in the 19th century; Ani visit will give you a charming effect by its old beautiful red bricks buildings that were still crumbling away among the open grass.Ani elaborated stone artistry, and fresco remains are still visible in  Church of the Redeemer and Church of St. Gregory.



Best Turkey points of interest


Oludeniz is a retreat village on the southwest coast of Turkey. It’s known for the blue lagoon and white Belcekız Beach. Oludeniz is one of the world’s top paragliding destinations to experience the stunning aerial views

Oludeniz Lush green forest tumbling down a cliff to a white sand beach and Impossibly turquoise-blue water is the most famous Turkey points of interest, and it offers a scenery that might as well have fallen off a perfect postcard.

Turkey points of interest are staggeringly rich insights as well as sites.When you visit Turkey remembers to walk through the ancient ruins where time stopped; bewitch your senses with the natural scenery; enjoy the tasty local cuisine, and relish the warm at the beaches.

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