Top 10 Facts About Arctic Ocean

arctic ocean facts

we will tell you about the top Arctic Ocean Facts. 1.The Arctic is covered by sea ice 2 to 3 meters (6 to 9 feet) thick.Earth’s the North Pole is covered by floating pack ice (sea ice) over the ocean if all the ice melted it would increase sea level about 24 feet.    Continue reading

Top 10 Facts About Southern Ocean

southern ocean facts

we will tell you about the top southern ocean facts.   1.There are only a few ports in the Southern Ocean. The ports belong mainly to research stations, such as the Rothera Station (British research base), Palmer Station (USA), Mawson Station (Australia), The southernmost port in Ocean is McMurdo Station, which is an American researchContinue reading

Top 10 Facts About Indian Ocean

indian ocean facts

we will tell you about the top Indian ocean facts. 1.This ocean holds a unique place owing to its properties.The water here has the highest concentration of dissolved and floating hydrocarbons, has maximum negative water balance and is a single source of water of highest and lowest salinity levels.It is one of the amazing IndianContinue reading

Top 10 Facts About Atlantic Ocean

atlantic ocean facts

we will tell you about the Atlantic Ocean Facts. 1.On May 21, 1927, the aviator Charles A. Lindbergh landed his Spirit of St. Louis near Paris, completing the first solo nonstop flight across the  Ocean.The first steamship credited with crossing the Ocean between North America and Europe was the American ship SS Savannah, though sheContinue reading

Top 10 Facts About Pacific Ocean

pacific ocean facts

we will tell you about the pacific ocean facts. 1.These volcanoes actually form a ring around the Ocean basin and are known as the Ring of Fire. Due to the amount of volcanic activity this area is also prone to earthquakes.The Ring of Fire is a region that consists of hundreds of active volcanoes locatedContinue reading

Top 10 Facts About Australia

Facts About Australia

we will tell you about the amazing Facts About Australia Continent. 1. The term volcano is used loosely as it can include groups of related volcanoes and vents that erupted at similar times with lava, There are no active or dormant volcanoes in Western Australia, although there are a number of extinct ones. There are nineteenContinue reading

Top 10 Facts About Europe

facts about europe

we will tell you about the amazing facts about Europe Continent. 1.Some of the world’s greatest empires were founded on European land. This includes the ancient Roman Empire (the cradle of modern civilization, according to some historians), and later on the British, Spanish, and Russian Empires is one of the greatest facts about Europe.  Continue reading

Top 10 Facts About Antarctica

facts about antarctica

we will tell you about the amazing facts about Antarctica Continent. 1.The continent is governed Antarctic Treaty was signed on Dec. 1, 1959, after more than a year of secret negotiations by 12 countries. It dedicates the continent to peaceful research activities. Forty-eight nations have now signed the treaty.It is one of the most amazing factsContinue reading