Top cities to taste most delicious food in the World

most delicious food in the world

Do you desire to taste the most delicious food in the world?Here we have done our research to find out the world’s ideal cities. These cities specialize in traditional recipes or experimental methods of cooking and hold the high position in the world of culinary; these 12 cities food will inspire you to travel the world with the unique perspective.

Tokyo, Japan

most delicious food in the world


Food in Japan is the result of old methods with remarkably modern styles and commitment to using the freshest, most seasonal vegetables. Tokyo also has maximum no. of Michelin-starred restaurants, the most of any city in the world.

Japan food offers limitless opportunities depending on your interest. Visit the famous Tsukiji market for the best quality of seafood or go to Ryogoku Sumo Town to taste a flavourful Japanese sumo stew with broth, protein, and vegetables commonly consumed by wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet.

Melbourne, Australia

most delicious food in the world


Melbourne is a hilly city with Victorian stylings, with an impressive food scene to match. Melbourne offers diverse dining scene with the startling collection of the world’s great cuisines, from traditional favorites to the truly groundbreaking food.

Experience Melbourne food cultures is a mix of modern, traditional, exotic or homespun flavors in its myriad restaurants, cafes, bistros, and bars.Share a drink while snacking on high-end tapas in a laneway eatery and also taste a Szechuan chili dish in Chinatown.

Copenhagen, Denmark

most delicious food in the world


Copenhagen offers the variety and excitement of food.There are 100s of restaurants and cafes, but Copenhagen street food is earning recognition with its healthy, sustainable organic food.

Taste a glass of wine listening to live music to satisfy your taste bud. Copenhagen Street Food offer another level of experience in city centre, but across the harbour on Papirøen you will experience most delicious food in the world with genuine and sustainable food truck atmosphere including best views of the city.

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

most delicious food in the world


Rio de Janeiro has given some of the best-known Brazilian dishes. Many of the restaurants in Rio serve local traditional food from Rio as well as the surrounding areas such as Minas Gerais, and Espirito Santo.Rio vibrant culture and heritage celebrated throughout the town with food, drink, dance, and music.

Inspired by the tradition of African, Amerindian and European epicurean, the food in this Spectacular City range from meat-centric churrascarias street food to gourmet selections, with tangy caipirinha cocktail.

Hanoi, Vietnam

most delicious food in the world


Hanoi has a rich culinary tradition making it a hot spot for foodaholic from all over the world. Hanoi originated some of the greatest dishes of Vietnam.The local street food in Hanoi is diverse, cheap and soulfully good. Go for a voyage in Dong Xuan Market, then explore the alleyways in the area for more food.

Some of the street dishes are pho tiu noodles with a stock of sweet and sour soup of pork, banh mi and baguettes filled with herbs, crispy onion, chili, and pate. However, food is all around the city so just keep your eyes open and get lost.

Jaipur, India

most delicious food in the world


Jaipur is the popular city known for its royalty, traditions, and culture in India.Jaipur food is something you cannot afford to miss. The well-known special mouth-watering delicious food has its varieties and taste.

Jaipur is famous for its spice-imploding, mouth-watering curries.City’s Most popular dish is laal maas, a spicy and fiery Rajasthani goat curry, which has 45 chilies to a kilo goat, garlic, onion, and yogurt, served with delicious flatbread, raita, and poppadoms to soothe the sting is one of the most delicious food in the world.Other than vibrant food scene, its grand architecture will make your food experience even more magical.

lima, Peru

most delicious food in the world


Peruvian cuisine with such a broad amount of options is an upcoming sensation known as one of the best in Latin America. The fresh seafood delights stay on your mind long after you have left the country.

Over the generation, people from all over the world inspired the cuisine and culture of Lima. Rom picarones to anticuchos, there’s lots of fabulous new food to discover in Lima.The Peruvian capital has been the epicenter of an increasingly acclaimed culinary renaissance.

Fez, Morocco

most delicious food in the world


Fez is one of the magnificent cities of Morocco; The city offers a unique experience of Morocco food because it is still considered a relatively new destination and not prone to masses of tourists in the streets.Walk around the area and try local dishes, While surrounded by mouth watering scents, scenes, and street buzzing sound that will leave your senses in an uproar.

Moroccan food experience never completes without a proper traditional cup of tea. Stop by Cafe Clock in the heart of Fez’s medina for some fresh mint tea after taking in the colorful streets and beautifully tiled mosques of the city.

Lyon, France
most delicious food in the world


Internationally acknowledged as one of the best food city in the world. Lyon cuisine is described by its simplicity and rich, substantial qualities. Bouchon, family-run bistros that have become integral to the Lyon food scene, are known for their distinctive homemade cuisine, atmosphere, and decor.

Lyon cuisine is arguably the world’s finest and considered as foodie epicenter. It seems only just the city has a dish named after it: famed Lyonnaise potatoes, sliced and pan-browned spuds with onion and parsley.

Bologna, Italy

most delicious food in the world


Bologna boasts as one of the richest culinary traditions renowned for its cuisine in Italy. City delicacies are tortellini and mortadella, tagliatelle and ragu. The city is well-known for its tortellini served in warm, rich broth, and mortadella.

The core of traditional food in Bologna is pasta, either plain, like Tagliatelle, or stuffed, like Tortellini. Also, famous specialties are cured meat pork, Which is one of the most delicious food in the world.

Edam, The Netherlands

most delicious food in the world


Edam is a small town in the Netherlands.Internationally known for Edam cheese, and many visitors come here to see the cheese market. The charming town center is well worth a visit.

Edam cheese is traditionally sold in rounded cylinders with a pale yellow interior and a coat, or rind, of red paraffin wax.In season months, you can still watch farmers sail through ancient canals to transport rounded blocks of the cheese to the market.

Ensenada, Mexico

most delicious food in the world


Ensenada is a port city in Mexico, City with beautiful sceneries of cliffs and the glistening Pacific. Ensenada food is vibrant, delicious and unique.Its market opened in 1958 to sell fresh seafood and fish tacos which later became the stuff of legend.

Now, Ensenada street stands serve a classic combo of fried fish and shrimp with a topping of mayo, salsa, and cabbage which is one of the most delicious food in the world.

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  1. Dieter
    September 15, 2017

    Amazing article, love the food you mention here and top locations. Lima/Peru is for me still the underdog, there you can find found like nowhere else on earth, but cooked very natrual


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