Coral Coast is the stretch of coastline between Sigatoka and Suva, on the island of Viti Levu, in Fiji. As the name suggests, the region is named for the large fringing reef that greets you from the shoreline. 

This stretch of coast is one of Fiji’s tourist areas with resorts located in various locations along the coast and on islands just off the coast. The riverside town of Sigatoka is the center of tourism for the Coral Coast. It is home to many hotels and resorts with plenty of things to do. From the beach life to trying great foods, there is also a chance to get a real, authentic experience in Fiji. Villagers welcome tourists to experience their day to day life such as fishing and selling at the local market.

The main town of any size between the International Airport town of Nadi and the Capitol of Suva is Sigatoka, located approximately one hour east of Nadi on the Sigatoka River.

Beyond Pacific Harbour, you’ll find very few accommodations and places to stop before you reach Suva, the capital, and largest city. Do find an opportunity to visit Suva if you find the time, however. It’s about 45 minutes east of Pacific Harbour, and despite your greatest fears, is not that hard to drive in nor navigate.

History of Coral Coast

Korolevu, on the Coral Coast, is the birthplace of Fiji tourism.  A brilliant stretch of white beach dotted by copious lush vegetation, popular backpackers, hotels, and resorts still line its beautiful shore.

The place that started it all is the Korolevu Beach Hotel. Built in the 1950s by pioneer hotelier Bill Clarke on 76 acres of prime real estate, it was an immediate hit with the colonial expatriates of Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.


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