The Great Ocean Road Australia is a National Heritage Site listed, spread 243 kilometres of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia. The Great Ocean Road is quite a road – it represents a coastal region of south-west Victoria, Australia, running from Bellarine solid ground close to Geelong to Portland close to the border with South Australia.

The Great Ocean Road was designed as a piece project for veterans getting back from the war I and was completed in 1932. The core of the good Ocean Road, main road B100 from Torquay to Allansford close to Warrnambool, runs for 243 kilometres.

One of the foremost scenic components of the road is that the stretch between Port Campbell and Peterborough. this can be the section contained by Port Campbell park and has the key rock formations.

The Great Ocean Road starts at Torquay and travels 244 kilometres west to complete at Allansford. The road is 2 lane (one in every direction) and is roofed by a regulation dynamical between 50 kilometres per hour and one hundred kilometres per hour.

The Great Ocean Road could be a fantastic drive, not just for the scenery however additionally for the winding cliff-top roads. driving enthusiasts travel the road for the sheer excitement of feeling the corners and having fun.

History of Great Ocean Road Australia

The Great Ocean Road was 1st planned towards the top of the primary warfare. Besides being dedicated as a memorial, it absolutely was additionally envisaged that the road would connect isolated settlements on the coast, and become an important transport link for the timber trade and business.

Construction on the road began on nineteen Gregorian calendar month 1919, designed by or so three,000 returned servicemen as a war memorial. Construction was done by hand; exploitation explosives, choose and shovel, wheelbarrows, and a few tiny machinery.

In 1962, the road was deemed by the Tourist Development Authority to be one of the world’s nice scenic roads. Over its life, the good Ocean Road has been at risk of natural elements; in 1960 the section at Princetown was partly washed away by water throughout storms.


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