Greenland Cities

Greenland is the world’s largest non-continental island, in the far northeast of North America, largely within the Arctic. Greenland, an autonomous nation within the Kingdom of Denmark, can truly be said to be the world apart. The population numbers less than 60,000 in this, the most sparsely populated country and the largest non-continental island on earth. Icebergs and glaciers are probably the most famous features of the environment. Colossal fantastic shapes of blue and white float on a sea of deepest azure. The inland ice, kilometers thick, appears static, but cracks and creaks as it shifts and expands.Greenland cities are shown on the map.

The capital will introduce to the history as well as the contemporary culture of Greenland, meanwhile will allow enjoying the nature, that you cannot escape even here. Museums of Inuit art, tours that introduce to the history and lifestyle of Arctic living, gourmet restaurants and numerous shopping opportunities – the whole Greenland experience must include Nuuk.

Green mountains with beautiful wildflowers, breathtaking fjords, precipitous cliffs, hot springs, crystal clear skies, and clean air are all waiting to be discovered. Animals flourish in the sea and on land – seals, whales, polar bears, and reindeer to name but a few. Bearing the climate in mind, transport here is somewhat unusual. There are virtually no roads between towns, so if you want to explore it will be by boat, airplane, sled, or snowmobile.The closest neighboring countries are Iceland to the South-East, Canada to the West and Svalbard in Norway to the North-East.Here is the map of Greenland cities.

Map of Greenland
Map of Greenland
 When visiting a Greenland cities or village don’t be afraid to ask for directions to shops, places to eat or somewhere to sleep, even if you think there might not be any. Most places (even Nuuk) are small enough for everyone to know where everything is, and therefore no one bothered to put up a sign. Greenland is a country with a rich, cultural history that spans back several centuries. Greenland can still offer travelers a unique, exciting experience away from the hustle and bustle of city life.



  •  NUUKgreenland cities
  •  ILULISSATgreenland cities
  •  NARSARSUAQgreenland cities
  •  QAQOTOQgreenland cities



  •  ILULISSAT ICE-FJORDplaces to visit in greenland
  •  UUNARTOQ SPRINGplaces to visit in greenland
  •  SERMERMIUT places to visit in greenland
  •  NORTHERN LIGHTSplaces to visit in greenland
  •  TURQUOISE RIVERplaces to visit in greenland



Kalaallisut is the official language of the Greenland.The official language of Greenland consists of Greenlandic, Danish, and English.the other languages spoken in Greenland are Danish and, English. Greenlanders are bilingual Danish speakers, and many will even have a functional command of English.

There are four languages in Greenland: Western Greenlandic or Kalaallisut, Eastern Greenlandic or Tunumiisut and the Thule Inuit of Greenland and Danish as a second language.



  • Hiking
  • Driving a dog-sled
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain climbing
  • Go on a Cruise



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