Hobart is the capital city of the Australian state of Tasmania. Hobart City is small and intimate (population 250,000) compared to larger mainland Australian cities, reflecting the small size of the state. The metropolitan area stretches north and south along the Derwent River, crossed by several bridges. Notable for being one of the coldest Australian cities, it has a mild temperate oceanic climate, with four distinct seasons.

Since its foundation as a colonial outpost, the city has grown from the mouth of Sullivans Cove to stretch in a generally north-south direction along both banks of the Derwent River, from 22 km inland from the estuary at Storm Bay to the point where the river reverts to fresh water at Bridgewater.

The city is located in the state’s southeast on the estuary of the Derwent River, making it the most southern of Australia’s capital cities. Its harbor forms the second-deepest natural port in the world.

History of Hobart City

The first European settlement began in 1803 as a military camp at Risdon Cove on the eastern shores of the Derwent River. In 1804, along with the military, settlers, and convicts from the abandoned Port Phillip settlement, the camp at Risdon Cove was moved by Captain David Collins to a better location at the present site of Hobart at Sullivans Cove. The city, initially known as Hobart Town or Hobarton, was named after Lord Hobart, the British secretary of state for war and the colonies.

Charles Darwin visited Hobart Town in February 1836 as part of the Beagle expedition.

The Derwent River was one of Australia’s finest deepwater ports and was the center of the Southern Ocean whaling and sealing trades. The settlement rapidly grew into a major port, with allied industries such as shipbuilding.

Hobart Town became a city on 21 August 1842 and was renamed Hobart from the beginning of 1881.

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