Kakadu National Park is situated in the Northern Territory of Australia which is 171 km east of Darwin. The Ranger Uranium Mine, one in every of the foremost productive Uranium mines within the world, is enclosed by the park.

Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land comprise over 110,000 sq. kilometers within the north-east corner of the northern Territory. The landscapes of Kakadu are various and set the scene for outback journey travel, aboriginal culture and nature activities.

Kakadu National Park is the largest national park in Australia. It contains one of the highest concentrated areas of aboriginal rock art sites in the world; the most famous examples are at Nourlangie Rock and Ubirr.

The secret to discovering Kakadu can take your time. But you will find stories, secrets, and sights never imagined. It’s not possible to understand the total breadth and wonder of the park in a very fugitive visit – if you’ll be able to afford the time, spend a week or a lot of.

Nature and life occur this space, that is thought for its level of biodiversity. Entirely Aboriginal in hand land, city Land is thought for its robust aboriginal culture, high escarpments, savannah woodlands, lush wetlands and prolific life. Nearer to Darwin is Mary River region, home to many birds, seawater crocodiles, and fish, together with the mighty barramundi, that makes it a fishing hot spot.

History of Kakadu National Park

The park was established in 1981. it’s ruled by setting Australia / Parks Australia and Aboriginal ancient land homeowners (the Gun-djeihmi, Kunwinjku, Krakeourtinnie and Jawoyn peoples). The park has recently been accepted as a World-Heritage listing.

Kakadu National Park was declared beneath the National Parks and life Conservation Act 1975. In 1987, a land claim was lodged for the land within the former Goodparla and Gimbat pastoral that that was to be enclosed in Stage 3 of Kakadu.
In 1996, the land in Stage 3, excluding the previous Goodparla pastoral leases, was granted to the Gunlom Aboriginal Land Trust and chartered to the Director of National Parks to continue being managed as a part of Kakadu.

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Kakadu National Park Images

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Kakadu National Park Pictures

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