Oceans In World

5 oceans in the world

An ocean (from Ancient Greek Ὠκεανός) is a body of saline water that composes much of a planet’s hydrosphere. On the Earth, oceans in the world cover almost 70% of its surface.There are 5 oceans in the world the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern (Antarctic), and Arctic Oceans.

The (continent) land masses on earth which covers only 30 percent of the earth’s surface and remaining  70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water, out of which over 96 percent is salt water in our world oceans. These large water bodies which surround the 7 continents in the world.Continents and oceans cover a total area of the earth.


1.Pacific Ocean


5 oceans in the world


The Pacific Ocean is the largest among 5 oceans in the world. It is located between the western coastlines of the American continents and eastern coastlines of Asia and Africa. The Arctic Ocean lies to the north of the Pacific Ocean and Antarctic Ocean in the south. Covering about 165,200,000 square kilometers the Pacific Ocean has the longest total shoreline of about 135,663 kilometers in world oceans.

The Pacific Ocean covers 46% of the total water surface of the Earth and covers a third of total space. The water in the ocean 50.1% of the total oceanic water. The ocean can be separated by North Pacific Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean with the equator passing through the middle. The deepest point on the earth is the Mariana Trench, is in the same ocean.

2.Atlantic Ocean


5 oceans in the world


The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest oceans in the world. It is bordered by Americas in the west and Africa and Europe in the east. The Atlantic Ocean consists of the Caribbean Sea, The Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and Baltic Until the 15th century the Indian Ocean and the eastern Atlantic Ocean were the only known voyaged seas. It was the route for spice trade and colonization. This part of world oceans is home to a lot of marine species, including the largest living toothed animal the sperm whale.

The equator divides the ocean into the North Atlantic Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean. The area north of the equator, between Africa and South America, is referred to as Central Atlantic. The water in this part is different from the northern part, which is between Europe and North America. The Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest among 5 oceans in the world.

3.Indian Ocean


5 oceans in the world



The Indian Ocean is the third largest among 5 oceans in the world.The Indian Ocean has been home to the opulent variety of humankind all over the world history. The Indian Ocean is bordered by eastern coast of Africa, the shores of the Middle East and India in the north. South East Asia and Australia separate it from the Pacific Ocean. The Indian Ocean is rich in exotic plant and animal species.

Around 20% of all the water on the Earth’s surface is in the Indian Ocean. It is the youngest oceans on the earth. It is a major sea route that connects Africa, East Asia, and the Middle East with the Americas and Europe. Around 40% of the world’s offshore oil production is known to come from the Indian Ocean. The beach sands that contain a rich amount of heavy minerals largely exploit the different bordering countries.


4.Southern Ocean


5 oceans in the world


Antarctic Ocean is the fourth largest ocean. It is also referred as the southern ocean as it is located near to the South Pole. It has a great influence on the earth’s weather patterns. It joins the waters of Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean, with a persistent easterly current. The warmer waters of the subantarctic mix with the cold northward flowing waters in the Antarctic in the ocean zone.

Geologically this ocean is considered to be the youngest of all oceans. There are a wide variety of marine animals that exist and rely on the phytoplankton in the Antarctic Ocean. This area is rich in a number of marine species. The Antarctic Ocean is a storehouse of natural resources. It contains giant gas and oil fields and valuable minerals as well.


5.Arctic Ocean


  1. 5 oceans in the world


The Arctic Ocean is the smallest among 5 ocean in the world.This is almost the size of the whole of the country of Russia. The Arctic Ocean lies mostly in the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Ocean is surrounded by the North American continents and Eurasian. It includes the Hudson Bay, the Barents Sea, and the North Sea. Most of the time of the year, this sea is covered with ice thick as up to hundreds of feet. Even during the summer season most of the ocean remains obstructed.

Located in the Northern Hemisphere, It is considered to be the northernmost part of the total World Oceans. The salinity and the surface temperature vary according to the season.Due to the lower amount of evaporation, It has the lowest salinity, the flow of heavy freshwater from rivers and streams also limited. The main countries bordering the Arctic Ocean are Norway, Canada, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, and the United States. It includes a large number of, straits bays.

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