Most beautiful places in Ghana

beautiful places in ghana

One of the brightest jewels in West Africa‘s crown, Ghana is a country blessed with idyllic beaches, cosmopolitan cities, remote nature reserves full of exotic wildlife, culture, scenery and some of the friendliest people on earth. It is home to a wonderful mix of animal species, beaches, mountains, landscapes, and an incredible coastline. Ghana is a magical place full of history, In particular, the colonial trading fortresses that still stand along the Atlantic coast stand as a testament to the suffering caused by the Transatlantic slave trade. With so significant to view and do, knowing where to start can be difficult.Here is the list of most beautiful places in Ghana.

Cape Coast Castle

Most beautiful places in Ghana

Ghana’s Atlantic Coast is lined with old forts built by the Dutch in 1637, later expanded by the Swedes, finally the British took control of it in 1664 and turned it into their colonial headquarters until they transferred the capital to Accra in 1877. The Cape Coast Castle was constructed for the slave-trade and is one of the most important of Ghana’s old forts.

The Cape Coast Castle is now an outstanding museum with information about the of Ghana, the slave-trade, and local culture. Other fascinating spots in the Cape Coast are the Posuban Shrine and the West African Historical Museum.

Kakum National Park

Most beautiful places in Ghana

Kakum National Park is a tropical rain forest in southern Ghana. The forest is home to over 250 species of bird and 40 species of larger mammals including forest elephants, forest buffalo, Mona-meerkats, and civets. The main attraction of Kakum is a stroll on the Canopy Walkway.Among most beautiful places in Ghana, the canopy walkway offers a unique viewing perspective of the wildlife and plants of the forest. There’s a basic campsite for those who want to stay overnight.


Most beautiful places in Ghana

Nzulezu is a village constructed on stilts in the marshy Amansuri Lagoon. Similar in looks and atmosphere to Genvie in Benin, this is a unique little fishing community, far from the hustle and bustle of daily Ghanaian life.

You can only visit it by renting a canoe, available from the village of Beyin, It takes about an hour to reach the village. Simple accommodation is open in a stilt house. You can also find the Ankasa National Park in this region.

Mole National Park

Most beautiful places in Ghana

Mole National Park is Ghana’s biggest wildlife park located in northwestern Ghana. In Mole, you can expect to see buffalo, roan antelope, elephants, warthogs, hyenas and leopard. Lions have recently been re-introduced to the park as well. There are also more than 250 species of birds to enjoy.

You can opt for a walking safari or a traditional game drive accompanied by an armed guard. The best time to spot wildlife is during the dry season from January to March as animals congregate around the water sources.On your way to Mole, visit the nearby Larabanga Mosque, the oldest mosque among the most beautiful places in Ghana.


Most beautiful places in Ghana

The former capital of Ghana’s Ashanti Kingdom, Kumasi is located in southern central Ghana. The Ashanti are famous artisans, specializing in gold jewelry and trinkets, Kente cloth and carved wooden stools.Features of the city include the West Africa’s largest outdoor market, the National Cultural Centre, Kejetia Market, the Okomfo Anokye Sword and Manhiya Palace.

The Ashanti region, “Land of the Golden Stool”, is the cultural heartbeat of Ghana and rich in history and tradition.In the nearby surrounding area are many craft villages, well-known sites and shrines, bird and butterfly parks, and Lake Bosumtwi, Africa’s largest meteorite impact lake.

Volta River

Most beautiful places in Ghana
Volta Lake is one magnificent river in Ghana that runs south to the Bight of Benin, You can view rolling hills and rugged outcrops overlooking the Volta Lake, the Volta region is an area of exceptional picturesque beauty, lagoons, rivers and numerous waterfalls make for one of nature’s most beautiful places in Ghana. The dam at Akosombo has created Volta Lake, the largest man-made lake on earth, and contributes much of Ghana’s electric power.

Wli Waterfall

Most beautiful places in Ghana

Wli Waterfalls is the tallest waterfall in Ghana.The falls is acknowledged locally as Agumatsa waterfalls – meaning, “Allow Me to Flow.” Ghana has a fair part of natural and man-made tourist spectacles that will keep you resident in the West African country for as long as you can manage.The falls are most impressive from April to October when you can listen and sense the flow of water thundering down.

Castle of Elmina

Most beautiful places in Ghana

The Castle of Elmina was built in the 15th century by the Portuguese. It housed the first Catholic churches in sub-Saharan Africa and the most illustrated structure in Ghana. Alongside Fort St. Jago which was an army base overlooking Elmina and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as biblical forts and castles used for human cargo during the slave trade, most of these places were listed to be a World Heritage Monument by the UNESCO.


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