Suva is the capital, second largest municipality and largest municipality with city status in Fiji. It is located on the southeast coast of the island of Viti Levu, in the Rewa Province. Suva City is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the southern Pacific Ocean and has become an important regional center.

Students from the Pacific region and a growing expatriate community make up a significant portion of the city’s population.

Suva became the capital of Fiji in 1877. Fiji’s tallest building, the Reserve Bank of Fiji Building, is in Suva.

The Fiji School of Medicine and one of the three campuses of the University of the South Pacific are in Suva city.

Suva tends to be the major commercial and political center of Fiji, which Nadi is the major tourist center.

While the dress is less conservative in the city than the villages, women should dress fairly modestly (ie shirts for men, no bare stomachs for women).

History of Suva City

In return for a promise to pay off debts owed to the United States by the Australian-based Polynesia Company was granted 5000 km² of land, 575 km² of it near what was then the village of Suva, in 1868. The original intention was to develop a cotton farming industry, but the land and climate proved unsuitable.

Following the cessation of the Fiji Islands by the United Kingdom in 1874, the colonial authorities decided to move the capital to Suva from Levuka, Ovalau, Lomaiviti in 1877. The transfer was made official in 1882.

In October 1952, Suva was proclaimed a city – Fiji’s first. Tamavua was subsequently annexed; the most recent extension of the city boundaries has been to incorporate the Cunningham area to the north of the city. Urban sprawl has resulted in a number of suburbs that remain outside of the city limits; together with the city itself, they form a metropolitan area known as the Greater Suva Area.

The city hosted the 2003 South Pacific Games, being the third time in the event’s 40-year history that they had been held in Suva.

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