Top 20 lessons about life you can learn from travel

Top lessons about life you can learn from travel

Travel is a story of enrichment.Contrary to popular belief, traveling can teach you greatest life lessons about life more than a classroom, job, or relationship ever will. People’s definitions about the real world are different.You get a know about the real world by leaving your comfort zone, family, friends, your safe place, and experiencing unknown things in a new place, there is a list of things you won’t understand, new people, unfamiliar customs, and the list go on. Traveling is being in the real have to learn how to enjoy your travel to learn best lessons about life.

Top 20 lessons about life you can learn from travel

1.You make your own destiny

Destiny is an excuse by many people for why they don’t do something with their lives.

You are limitless, your limitations are not set by your birth place, age, money,  genes you have, Your past or other things that you can claim are your reason of failure.

The determination is all you need, there is a load of opportunities in life that are waiting for you.

2. You will learn art of traveling

Traveling itself is a skill. After carting around a giant suitcase and trying to stuff it through tiny train doors on an extended visit to Europe, you learn that there are some things you can do without. You learn to decipher railway schedules. You learn what to do when you take the wrong bus and end up God knows where. All of these skills make regular life at home so much easier.

3. Be curious, not judgemental

Everyone has problems and puts on a brave face – don’t presume they have it easy. You see each person what they let you see. Don’t be judgemental you have no clue what other people are going through or what they had to go through to come up with these situations.

This is universal – millionaires, students, the cool kid, the party animal, the introvert and everyone in between has more to their story than the superficial restricted one you see.Never dismiss them saying it is easy, Be curious and listen there part of the story.

4. Money is not everything you need

As long as you are not living in the street or going hungry, then you do not “need” more money. When you spend more time with people who are living on next to nothing but having a happy life, then you will sincerely appreciate your life. Everything that is wonderful about life doesn’t cost a penny, and the rest is way cheaper than you think it is.

5. Stay minimalistic

Look at the real reason you want to buy more expensive items and realize that it all comes down to validation from others in one way or another. You don’t really need any of it unless it’s directly related to essentials in how you work or survive.

The need to buy new things dictates your life – it fixes you in one location with that house and furniture, and it governs how much money you need to earn. And it almost never actually enriches your life in any way. The less you own the better.Being minimalistic is among one of the best lessons about life to live fully.

6. Don’t live in a virtual world

The Internet and TV are interactive and allows you to take part and become virtually social. It connects people and communities all over the world.It surely adds benefits in our in way of knowing people around the world.

But both TV and the internet become a black hole of time. Use it to improve your life, but put a limit on how much you use it so you can live your real life.Spending maximum time on the Internet is just escaping the real world, which is much more beautiful.

7. Take it easy

When you travel with a rigid plan. There are always things You want to see and do, but the last thing you want is to be a slave to a schedule. Make your trip flexible. See things you want to see but leave lots of time to drift.

Visit the monument you stumbled on, on your way to the Vatican or just go out and float in the sea until dinner time.

Take it easy and go slowly.Taste every bite of food, walk slow and soak up your surroundings, listen attentively let the other person finish their side of the conversation, and stop in the middle of your day, Take a sip of your best-loved drink and become aware of your breathing.

8. Don’t please everyone

State your opinion and continue with a plan of action. Trying to please everyone is a fool’s errand. If you are confident enough and share your idea with enough people, you will provoke someone no matter what you talk about. That’s their issue, not yours.

9. Make mistakes and Learn from them

Mistakes are how we grow. Failures are the stepping stones to success.

10. Just do it

People think their way out of doing everything that’s worth doing in have to give up over-analysing whether you should do something important or not, over thinking lead to zero productivity, stop thinking just do it.

11.Dance and sing it out

Dancing and singing are great releases and forms of expression. It’s hard not to feel good, Plug in your ideal music and start moving.

12. Appreciate your old and new friends

Best recipe for making friends are being friendly, genuine and charming, make friends with people from every culture and background is possible.Friends will help you to expand your horizon to learn greatest lessons about life.

People who are part of communities are surrounded by family, networks, work and school colleagues, other friends, clubs, they have many opportunities around them to meet new people. Just look around you!

13. Don’t take anything granted

Don’t take anything for granted. Every morning start from scratch, Hug your friends and family members and tell them you love them, every chance you get, and don’t hold yourself on sharing your emotions with them.

Life is too short-Never loose a moment to love your family and friends.

14. It’s ok to apologize

Never hold a grudge and never try to win every argument. Sometimes it’s best to let go your pride in order to make it better. Be the first to say you’re sorry. Never wait for the other person to make the first move.

15. Love beget love

We don’t need love to survive, but without it, there will be a void inside you. Make sure that every day you have someone to remind you that you are special. Do things you want to do but Don’t postpone this part of your life. Otherwise, you will continue in that lonely path indefinitely.

16. Get out and experience things on your own

On our path of lives, we keep our heads down and we keep going. Any problems we have, we are in them. When you travel, you get outside of them and can solve them.

We always seem to have solutions for other people’s problems but struggle with our own. That is because we are IN our problems and it is difficult to find solutions to something you are inside of.

When most of the world’s information is at our fingertips, it makes it feel like we don’t need to experience anymore. Movies, books, or “living vicariously through someone else” means we can apparently get the general gist of anything.This is false. Among all Experience is the greatest teacher to learn inspirational life lessons. Stop reading about or watching the world passively and start living it.

17. Alone is better than lonely

The fact of the matter is that loneliness is much more common around the world. And people who have thousands of friends over social networks feel desperately lonely because they feel nobody gets them.

No matter how lonely you might feel, there is always someone who can relate to you. Perhaps you can’t talk to them right now, but they are out there.

You can make friends anywhere. Be the first to smile. Make an effort to join in their celebrations or simply ask them questions about their lives. This is all it takes.

18. Learn a new culinary art

You cannot go to a restaurant in a foreign country without mentally reverse engineering the food you are eating.You have to try it out. Many times your waiter will tell you the recipe!

When you go to a store in some places, not only do you get the ingredients you need to make a dish but you get a full description of exactly how to go home and make it.

19. Change is good

As you travel, anything can happen and you may end up in a pretty strange situation. The wily traveler learns to change quickly. Travelling is fraught with unknowns. you learn to think on your feet and solve problems efficiently and you will start appreciating linguist relationships.

 20. Be a polyglot

Even if you go to many different places and even if you don’t make a huge effort to learn the languages of the people whose country you visit, simply seeing street signs and restaurant menus teaches you a part of the local language. Hearing a language spoken around you gives you a feel for the rhythm of it and you feel more at home around it.


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