Top things to do in Bhutan

things to do in Bhutan
Things to do in Bhutan brings a smile to your face. Bhutan provides Grandiose mountains, colorful dzongs, serene monasteries and pristine surroundings; spiritual, adventurous and an eye-opening experience to all those who explore to learn the lessons about life.

Bhutan is known to be a peaceful country. The people are very friendly and civilized.The mesmerizing landscapes leave you enchanted and you return back from Bhutan after falling in love with the people, food & unique experiences.

Explore the capital Thimphu

things to do in Bhutan

Thimpu is the only capital in the world without traffic lights and also has a pedestrian day every Sunday of the month.It gives a golden opportunity for you to explore its heart Norzin Lam, on foot. The National memorial chorten is the place where locals gather to pray, meditate and meet each other. The National Folk Heritage Museum will give an impression of rural life.

The Zorig Chusum School of traditional arts is a must-visit to understand the 13 traditional arts of Bhutan; Those interested in Buddhist philosophy should visit the National Library. For shopping, one can explore the authentic crafts bazaar near Taj Tashi hotel.For the sports lover, the Changlimithang Stadium is the place to watch football in or to cheer the archery teams. Archery is the national sport of Bhutan and lots of competitions keep happening during weekends.

Taste Bhutanese cuisine

things to do in Bhutan

Bhutanese cuisine is a spicy healthy food with cheese, chili, meat, and rice being their main ingredients. Ema Datshi is unique and flavourful national dish, made of cheese and chili. For those who can’t handle spice a simple yet scrumptious meal of boiled vegetables, rice and meat are also available.

The popular saying is that if you have been to Bhutan and not tasted its national dish, then you have not been to Bhutan. Wander around the streets of Norzin Lam, Phendey Lam, and Chang Lam in Thimphu bustling with people, shops, and eateries to explore the food is the among the things to do in Bhutan.

Across the country the food, though simple, tastes delicious as all ingredients are organically produced. Suja is the butter tea which tastes more like butter than tea and the locally brewed alcoholic drink, arra, has a smoky flavor.

Hike up the Tiger’s Nest

things to do in Bhutan

Taktsang monastery in Paro popularly known as Tiger’s Nest. It was originally built in 1692, later rebuilt in 1998 at the site where Guru Rimpoche meditated in a cave in the 8th century. He is the most admired Guru and founder of Mahayana Buddhism in Bhutan. Legend says that Guru Padmasambhava had traveled on the back of a tiger from Khenpajong (Tibet) to this rock face.

Hiking up the Tiger’s nest is one of the best things to do in Bhutan.The mighty Himalayan ranges in the background loom high. On the way to the monastery, waving prayer flags, the rattling of prayer wheels and the chanting by monks will give you company. The steep fall of the cliffs is scary but the view of Paro valley is stunning.

Punakha valley

Bhutan provides Grandiose mountains, colorful dzongs, serene monasteries and pristine surroundings; spiritual, adventurous and an eye-opening experience to all those who love to travel.This is the list of top things to do in Bhutan

Punakha valley is the rice bowl of the country with terraced rice fields planted in an organic way exercising traditional methods. Two types of rice(red, white) are grown near the streams of Pho Chu and Mo Chu in the Punakha valley. There is an impressive temple called Chimi Lhakhang built in 1499 at a site blessed by saint Drukpa Kunley, also known as the divine madman. Today, women seek graces for children there and are blessed by the lama with an ivory and wooden phallus.

When Traveling to Punakha town one comes across the suspension bridge in Mitesgang and could hike through green fields and climb uphill to Guru Rinpoche caves. The trekking takes two to three hours and the panoramic view around are striking.

Explore Dzongs and Goembas

things to do in Bhutan

The magnificent and visually appealing dzongs of Bhutan are scattered all over the country. Most have the identical architecture with large central courtyards, the temple of Buddha and central tower, each with its own significance. Each dzong happens to be a monastery. One has to be decently clothed to visit these dzongs.

Visit the Punakha Dzong in spring, it looked beautiful skirted by lilac jacaranda trees on the banks of the river Mo Chhu, Trashi Chhoe Dzong in Thimphu looks spectacular by the side of a manicured lawn and has a large courtyard are most notable Dzong.

Celebrate Tsechu festival

things to do in Bhutan

It seemed that the whitewashed dzongs were splattered with colors. The Paro Tsechu will bedazzle you with the pure energy of dancing monks wearing flashy costumes and exotic masks. The Paro Tsechu is held in honor of Guru Rinpoche who spread Buddhism in Bhutan. This is one of the most anticipated events in Bhutanese religious calendar and tourists plan their itinerary around this mesmerizing exotic festival.

Tsechu (means “tenth day”) are the biggest celebrations of Bhutan held on the tenth day of the lunar month. in each dzongkhag (district) in respective dzongs in different months. For tourists, it is the best things to do in Bhutan way to learn the ancient living culture of Bhutan.

Drive from Paro to Phuentsholing

things to do in Bhutan

The whole kingdom of Bhutan is mountain, valleys, and forests created by nature and preserved by the Bhutanese. Though it is a pleasure to trek or drives anywhere in Bhutan, Best things to do in Bhutan is to drive through densely forested hills from Paro to Phuentsholing. It takes six hours to travel the distance of 175 km. Most of the road after village Gedu was masked in fog even at 11 o’clock in the morning. This is the reason why it is called as the kingdom in the clouds.

Explore nature and wildlife

things to do in Bhutan

Bhutan is a heaven for Nature and Wildlife enthusiasts. As it’s established on the slopes of Himalayas with full of varied species of flowers, trees, bamboos, birds, and animals.

The endangered species like Snow Leopards, Black Necked Cranes, Tigers and national animal Takin can be found in the National Parks that were uniquely built to protect them. Takin Festival is observed in the national parks to spot the animal and to go on long hikes in the dense forest. The Jigme Dorji National Park is the main attraction for Bhutan Tourism.

Spend an early morning at a Bumthang monastery

things to do in Bhutan

Visiting monasteries can consist of all the things to do in Bhutan. There are many monasteries which can provide you unique and peaceful experiences.

Lhohdrak Kharchhu Monastery is located on a hill overlooking the Bumthang town. After a small trek, you will reach tranquil premises of the monastery. Monastery ambiance is very peaceful. The monks prepare for ceremony every morning. When the ceremony start, around 150 monks participate in it and The chants will captivate you. Some monks play an elegant musical instrument.The whole experience will make you feel transcendent.

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