Watarrka national park is located in the Northern Territory, Australia. Its main attraction is Kings Canyon at the western end of the George Gill Range and Kathleen Springs.

King’s Canyon is the biggest tourist attractions in the Red Centre in Australia. This is also called as Kings Canyon National Park. There are many scenic landscapes present around the Canyon, that are the result of millions of years of erosion. Watarrka national park range contains the red sandstone walls that rise over 100 meters to a plateau of rocky domes and other sandstone formations.

The Watarrka park contains a wide variety of desert plants and birds. A waterhole, that called the Garden of Eden, has given birth to a lush garden of green. It is a paradise for the local fauna. If you want to swim here then you must avoid drinking the water because there are often high levels of E. coli and the like in the waterhole.

If you are planning to go there then you should be aware of semi-arid climate and the risk of dehydration. In the summer months, the temperature can very easily climb over 40C during the day. There is a very little shadow on the walk, so do not risk your life attempting the walk in full heat. At any time of the year, bring plenty of water, a hat, and plenty of sunscreens.

If you really don’t want to exert yourself at all, you can do a scenic helicopter flight from Kings Creek Station. It’s part of the same road system as Uluru and is included on many of the tours. Kings Creek Station also offers quad bike rides and camel rides on their land. There is no accommodation within the Park, but just seven kilometers away from the National Park is the King’s Canyon Resort.


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Pictures of Watarrka National Park

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Watarrka National Park Photos

Watarrka National Park Pictures