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Guest Posts: We accept any travel related topics, but are especially interested in those that can work in their appreciation of the little things into their story. Personal narratives, how-to posts, and roundups are all welcomed. These should be no shorter than 500 words.


Pitch your idea. Contact us at before writing. You must include the following:

  • The suggested topic or destination you would like to write about.
  • At least one sample of writing or past published articles.
  • The link you want to link back to (links to commercial sites will not be accepted).

Only original content will be featured. All writing must be your own. You can write about the same topic that has been written about elsewhere, but you must have your own unique take on the subject. Photos must be your own as well, but they do not need to be unique to your guest post. They will be accepted if they have been used elsewhere.

Minor edits may be made. By submitting an article you agree to let us make editorial changes as needed to help better fit the voice of the site. If any major changes need to be made we will let you know in writing before making any changes.

MysticalRoads has publication rights. Although you are the copyright owner of the content, by submitting an article you agree to provide us with the rights to use the content in marketing materials for the site.

You should add at least 1 link to relevant posts of MysticalRoads  You should also link to reputable sources that will really help readers find extra info about mentioned in the article. (no link to commercial sites is allowed unless you pay)

Replying to comments and readers’ questions is a must

Your article will include: 

– Maximum 1 follow link to blog, website or social account
– Short introduction about the author
– Proofread and revised version of your article

How to submit an article

If you want to contribute and see your post in our blog, email us at

Thank you, we hope to hear from you soon!